The Sun was rising in the western sky. Aria had seen many sunrises before. But life had taught her enough to not wait for sunrises, but to light some of her own.

She washed her face when her watch beeped indicating her breakfast was ready. ‘Sattra’, she thought out. The chip at the nape of her neck beeped and she could hear a low rumble in the adjoining room. Aria smiled. Sattra was her pet Bengal tigress. She looked into the big cat’s face as it walked by her, tail swishing. She had the same blue eyes as Aria: they were genetically linked.

The monitor by the dining table blinked 4.43am-16-April-2216. The world around her had grown more in the last 70 years than it had ever grown. And Aria was a huge part of that growth. She led the most populous landmass in the world: Asia.

She sat at the table to eat, when she felt Sattra’s soft tongue licking her feet. She was Aria’s equal, her sibling, her clone. And she only strengthened Aria’s beliefs.

Her younger self had seen many riots and civil wars. The planet around her was dying and she knew it was her calling to stand up. She was the Durga. She rose up the political ranks quickly and in just two decades, she was the most influential person on the continent. And now, she intended to use that influence to bring order into the society, the way the Rig Vedas meant it to be. And why not? She was the Kalki. The vision in her old blue eyes was that the planet had to come back to its true glory.

She began to uphold the Arthashastra principles, while abhorring the rituals. She funded the mass project of cloning all citizens to animals of their ‘capability’. Horses and Guard dogs for the army, Apes for the scientists, Dolphins for the navy, Eagles for the police and small dogs and rabbits for the laborers. She believed that every animal had it in itself to show man the true nature of life.

The pet animals were controlled by the individual and monitored by the government. They would be the owner’s best friend when the deeds were good and turn into policing entities when the deeds were vile. This had worked. The water was cleaner, the air was pure. Crime rates had reduced and wars had ended.

She lifted her cup to finish her coffee. ‘Some things can never be replaced by technology’, she smiled to herself.

She walked into her office, Sattra at her heel. Her assistant, Nevada, had already pulled up the tasks for the day. Screens hovering in the middle of the room, blinked with notifications. Behind them, the generals stood in attention, with their loyal German Shepherds by their side, waiting for her orders.

‘The employment report you asked for is put up on the screen ma’am. All graduates from the schools have been assigned their occupation and work has begun smoothly. We now await the results for the next quarter’, Nevada read out from his tablet, and gestured the report onto the screen on the right.

‘No other major concerns, Ma’am. But there was one thing…’ he weighed his next words well ‘The Assam corridor had a news that would concern you’.

The monitor blinked to life as he waved the news into the screen on the left.

A graphic of a man screaming and shouting at people, while he was being arrested by the police came up. He was pelting stones at the mob around him, who were trying to control his actions and put him in the jeep. There was… chaos. And in her reign, chaos… was rare. The three tall generals behind her had already broken into a sweat. Sattra let out a low growl, which made the hair on the dogs’ back stand. Aria remained expressionless.

‘Wolf people’, she murmured.

‘Ma’am…’ Nevada continued. He did not want to provoke thoughts into his mentor’s mind, but it was his job. ‘…Wolves can never be tamed. ‘

‘But men can…’ She turned toward the generals ‘It is time. Gather the anomalies. Get the doctors to install the system’. They blinked at her. She had just asked them to integrate human prisoners into the system.

General Ventos croaked, ‘But Ma’am… They’re human beings’

Her blue eyes behind her heavily wrinkled face still had fire in them when they bore into his, wordlessly.

Ventos shuddered and motioned to his colleagues. There was work to be done…  People to be tamed.


5 thoughts on “Tame

  1. Man! This one’s too good! I loved that you integrated the idea of Goddess Durga and the assigning of animals as pets to different people, kinda like based on their character!
    “The Sun was rising in the western sky”, indicates the massive change in the earth’s rotation i believe! Terrific! 🙂


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